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Download Surveying and levelling vol II by BC Punia

Description: An informative and comprehensive textbook on the subject of surveying, Surveying (Volume - 2) is a continuation of the first volume.
Summary Of The Book
Surveying may be defined as the science, profession and technique of precisely determining the terrestrial position of different points and the angles and distances between them. This branch of civil engineering is carried out by licensed surveyors, and these points are helpful in establishing land maps of different kinds. Surveying (Volume - 2) is the continuation of Volume 1 of the book.
This informative textbook spans over sixteen chapters, providing factual and in-depth information on topics like Topographic Surveying, Photogrammetric Surveying, Field Astronomy, Remote Sensing, Hydrographic Surveying and Electro-magnetic Distance Measurement (EDM).
In addition to the text, the book also provides several descriptive illustrations of the latest and different measuring instruments used in surveying, such as Total Statio…