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zlatan ibrahimović-motivational quotes

Zlatan Ibrahimović-motivational quotes: Zlatan Ibrahimovic is regarded as one of the best player of all time. With 410 goals he is also the most successful striker in this decade. He has own almost of the club trophies in spanish,italian,english and lastly USA leagues. He has also been as a crucial player for his national team Sweden with 62 goals till his retirement. But, zlatan also been through controversy over his comments and behavior off and on the pitch. But he had never been down and had never give up which an motivation and inspiration for youths.  Some of his motivational quotes are given below:
1. "I can't help but laugh at how perfect I am."
2. "Swedish style? No. Yugoslavian style? Of course not. It has to be Zlatan-style."
3. "Zlatan doesn't do auditions." - When Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger offered the then-teenaged Ibrahimovic a trial.
4. "What [John] Carew does with a football, I can do with an orange." - In response t…

Following What I Love To Do In My Life Had Been My Best Decision

I had been thinking more than 100 times that should I write about this topic or not. Everytime I think about this topic, I feel that I am not that eligible to write about this. But today, I learnt from myself that "Eligibility comes from inner self, not from outside". One doesn't need to be that successful or have that much fame to talk about life. Its life, and here I am the hero. Sometimes I also feel like how would people react to my blog, this hinders me from my inner self but this is also me that I love writing and its always been my first love after my parents and my two beautiful sisters. So, this is me and this is my story. This is a blog straight from my heart.
WARNING:- This is a blog from a very boring person, you may sleep in the middle of the blog. Read at your own risk.

I discovered what I love at an early age of mine. I got introduced to the world of books when I was in class IX, I use to spend more time in library than my class. I use to be favourite of our librarian sir. He use to refer me novels that one should read and I use to complete those novels in a week or so. That time, a book called "You Can Win" By Shiv Khera had inspired me a lot. It was the first time in my life that I thought that something called 'Successful" people also exist in this World. I am from a middle class family and like every Indian middle class family I was told that I should be a doctor or an engineer and get a good job and then only I would be called successful. But after "You Can Win", the definition for the so called "Successful" had completely changed. I was sure about myself what I want to become. I use to think that if these people can write a book then I can also write and become successful.
Then I came to know about blogging when I was in Class XI, but it was in the year 2014 and being from a remote state called Tripura, where internet connectivity is poor, I couldn't even start blogging. But who would have known that something called "Jio" would come someday and change the world of Telecom Industry. After Jio, YouTube taught me a lot about blogging and about life. Today, I may not be that much successful in life, but with my love towards writing I know and I believe that I would be making Tiprasa proud someday.

While writing has always been my first love doesn't mean that I don't love other things. I want to do direction, want to open my own production house, want to open a Cafe, and the list goes on and on. Life has never meant to be stayed at a place. If life was to be lived at a static place then God would never have made a big world. Explore life, explore yourself and explore the world. This is your life and you're the only one who is going to be responsible to what you do in your life. And the ones who say, "Behind every successful man, there is a woman", let me tell you that what they say are shits. Take responsibility of your life.
My passion is writing, what's yours? If you're still stuck with what is passion and how to find own"s passion then here I am going to give you a very simple rule of passion.


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