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Shillong | Best Places To Visit | Cherrapunji | Krangshuri Falls | Elephant Falls | Bike Ride |

Shillong has always been one of my dream destination to visit. It was only during my semester exam that I along with my 4friends decided to visit shillong and explore the countryside of Meghalaya.
It was May 9. At about 9:30PM, I couldn't wait more to visit shillong. And my flight was on the next day. I wasn't even able to wait for the next 12hours. I was not sleepy. I was over excited. Early on the next morning I packed my luggage and I was all ready to leave for the flight. At 12noon, it rained heavily. I was already late in packing and now due to heavy rain and thunderstorm, some part of the main road from my village(Barkathal) to Agartala was blocked. My inner voice told me that I am going to miss the flight. But it was my great grand luck that I managed to reach the airport 45 minutes prior to my flight's time.
We stayed a night in a hotel named "Spring Villa" and on the next day early morning we started our by road journey from Guwahati to shillong. The hi…

Following What I Love To Do In My Life Had Been My Best Decision

I had been thinking more than 100 times that should I write about this topic or not. Everytime I think about this topic, I feel that I am not that eligible to write about this. But today, I learnt from myself that "Eligibility comes from inner self, not from outside". One doesn't need to be that successful or have that much fame to talk about life. Its life, and here I am the hero. Sometimes I also feel like how would people react to my blog, this hinders me from my inner self but this is also me that I love writing and its always been my first love after my parents and my two beautiful sisters. So, this is me and this is my story. This is a blog straight from my heart.
WARNING:- This is a blog from a very boring person, you may sleep in the middle of the blog. Read at your own risk.

I discovered what I love at an early age of mine. I got introduced to the world of books when I was in class IX, I use to spend more time in library than my class. I use to be favourite of …