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Trek to Garbhanga Forest:

Garbhanga forest is basically situated in the state borders of Meghalaya and Assam partly covering a major area of Meghalaya with various species of butterflies, and insects. Elephants are a frequent sight here; they often come down the hills for water to the river. There are two ways to enter the forest one is through the Basistha temple in Guwahati and the other is through Rani i.e. a small town on the outskirt of Guwahati. We started our trek from the temple side entrance. About for 1.5 km, the road was a gravel one but big enough for vehicles to pass by along with two water crossing of the river water.

The real trek starts after the big patch of road ends and a sudden steep slope of narrow passage starts. Usually, the passage is good enough to walk by with a very scenic view jungle on the right with a river flowing on the left. This trek leads to more amazing place as long as you walk by with caves that can be seen on the hillside. Stories say that long time back Hindu Brahmans came to these caves to do meditation from the west. When we entered the cave we saw various engraved drawings on the wall. But our destination was the nearest waterfall which was like 6-7 km approx. from the temple. It took nearly an hour to reach the destination and my o my, the view of that waterfall was so amazing. We were 3 friends who did the trekking, birds chirping sound of water flowing and such silence inside the forest. This place is like so close to the city and yet it exists we are leaving beside this wonderful jungle. Frankly speaking, I never imagined a chilled out place near the city. It was good visiting there but in rainy season if you go because the route gets slippery with mud and river water level increases which result in many landslides. As we all know jungles are not safe all the time be careful with the big cats they are often spotted and they love non-veg humans. Have a good adventure and stay within a limit that’s which is mainly to survive in this wonderful yet a dangerous world.
Road towards waterfall
Jungle Road

                                                              Written By Priyam Boro


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