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Who are we? Well, we are the editors of this blog and we write mostly about travelling and lifestyle. So we thought maybe you should know us who we are in better. Why a part-time rider? 

 That's because we are B.TECH students who love riding a bike and exploring new places. Being a student and doing things you love along with studies is very difficult, moreover belonging to a middle-class family means to sacrifice your dreams. So we both ride a Royal Enfield and that's our riding partner. We ride to distant places saving money and try completing rides in a day. Basically, we are too addicted to travelling. We both are so addicted to riding that we are working too hard for making this love as passion.  We have this single life in which we have to make our dreams come true I.e. To travelling cross country on a bike.  Life takes turns and we're waiting for our turn to get on the right track for some good life. Money was never the priority but living a life where we choose taking decisions wits risks. Maybe this article seems boring but I can bet our life is the most interesting one as doing things beyond limits is fun. What would a life be without risk?


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