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Tripura is one of the 29 states in India consisting of various indigenous tribes Debbarma,Jamatia, Reang, Koloi, Halam and many more who have and follow their own tradition of food habits, worship and clothing etc. So today we will look into the fashion wear and dresses of Tripura. The common traditional dress worn by all of the indigenous tribes of Tripura is called "Rignai and Risha" this dress is worn by the women, rignai for the bottom and risha for the top(to cover chest). For men the shirt worn by them is called as "Kamchwlwi Borok" and "Dhuti" which the wore in the bottom. The women also use ornament especially the necklace made of silver coins. Men also use "Risha" at their waist as a belt and to cover their head. "Risha" is also used in traditional occasions and functions with western wears as a symbol of Tripuri Culture by the Tripuris.

Various Types Of Risha's of the various tr…


 AN INDIGENOUS CUISINE-BODO CUISINE: One of the most indigenous tribe of Assam is The Bodo tribe. The oldest tribe of the northeast keeping its origin from the Tibeto-Burman language family of the East Asia. People belonging to this tribe has a very different yet promising taste for ethnic food made with all the simple ingredients available.
The word bodo has been derived from the word ‘bod’ means Tibet. They are considered first ones to cultivate rice and silkworms. Silkworms are one of their favorite dishes along with pork. We tried making some of the dishes ourselves, some were caught before they were made.  ‘Zou’ is the name of the traditional rice beer of the tribe and a very healthy digester for food.

1.Traditional Smoke Pork with Zou :-
 Fresh local pork meat was boiled in a pressure cooker with 2 whistles. Take out the pork and wash the meat and get it cleaned. Marinate the pork with black pepper, chili powder, salt and garlic paste. Take a thin rod and pierce the rod in the m…



8th of April is considered a Royal Enfield day around the world. Riders from different places unite together to ride as one on this day and celebrate the feel and pride of being an Enfield rider. Being a part of a riding community is a dream and to ride in a group with senior experienced rider is a great feel, we get to learn so many things. Our ride started from Chirag Enfield, Maligaon, Guwahati. People from different part of the city, different town and riding group started to gather, by 9:00 the place was full of with more than 60 riders. We started our ride by 10:45, leading by a senior riding group LUIT RIDERS AXOM.  The lineup was too long with so many bikes, we flagged off and went on to our destination.  Many groups joined us along the route. Groups such as sarighat riders, darrang riders etc were with us riding. The next stop was Nongpoh, where we all grouped so that no one is left. Few minutes of wait and all were ready to ride again. Enjoying the cornering roads…


HOW TO DEVELOP BLOGGING SITE FROM SCRAP THROUGH BLOGGER:How to Rank for a keyword in google 1st page by 5 steps

As a beginner, you will have many problems, take much time to develop your site into a professional blogging site and to get your site approved by google ad sense. So we are here to help you to make your problem a little less... We will tell the procedure of developing your blogger sites by the given points below:

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Trek to Garbhanga Forest:

Garbhanga forest is basically situated in the state borders of Meghalaya and Assam partly covering a major area of Meghalaya with various species of butterflies, and insects. Elephants are a frequent sight here; they often come down the hills for water to the river. There are two ways to enter the forest one is through the Basistha temple in Guwahati and the other is through Rani i.e. a small town on the outskirt of Guwahati. We started our trek from the temple side entrance. About for 1.5 km, the road was a gravel one but big enough for vehicles to pass by along with two water crossing of the river water.

The real trek starts after the big patch of road ends and a sudden steep slope of narrow passage starts. Usually, the passage is good enough to walk by with a very scenic view jungle on the right with a river flowing on the left. This trek leads to more amazing place as long as you walk by with caves that can be seen on the hillside. Stories say that long t…


Inside of Ujjayanta Palace(Ujjoyonto Prashad): Tripura is famous for its Ujayanta Palace because of its architectural wonder and beauty. But how many of us know it from the inside and the history of Ujayanta Palace. Do you know that Tripuri people called this palace as "White Beauty" or "Bubgra ni Nok"?You will know more about this palace from depth after reading it.  The palace was first built at Udaipur which was Tripura's old capital in 1862 by Maharaja Ishan Chandra Manikya. But due to a severe earthquake during Assam Earthquake in 12th June 1897, it was collapsed and damaged fully. After this earthquake, Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya changed its capital from Udaipur to Agartala. Then in 1899 construction of this palace started and was completed in 1901. The total cost was 1 million(10 lakh). Martin Burn company an architect company from Kolkata built it. The king had to take a loan from a bank(co-operative bank) with guidance from Rabindra Nath Tagore who…


Tripuri Cuisine/Tiprasa Rok Ni Chathai: A Tribe/Community is best known for their cuisine or food. It helps to understand its respective culture more deeply. Every tribe/Community has there owned unique or traditional cuisine so Tripuri People also have their own cuisine. Tripuri People serve and eat these foods from old days only. The most common ingredient is pork, dry fermented fish these are regularly used in all the tripuri food.
Some of the main dishes of Tripuri People are:
 It is mainly prepared by bamboo shoots with baking soda, green chilli, ginger, rice floor and fresh lemon leaves. Sometimes chicken or pork are also added in case of non-vegetarian food.

These are prepared by water snail as the main ingredient. The water snail is first boiled and then fried with oil.Then vegetable such tomatoes, potatoes are included. Green chillies are used in large amount.

These are made by boiling chicken, bamboo shoots, potato…



Who are we? Well, we are the editors of this blog and we write mostly about travelling and lifestyle. So we thought maybe you should know us who we are in better. Why a part-time rider? 
 That's because we are B.TECH students who love riding a bike and exploring new places. Being a student and doing things you love along with studies is very difficult, moreover belonging to a middle-class family means to sacrifice your dreams. So we both ride a Royal Enfield and that's our riding partner. We ride to distant places saving money and try completing rides in a day. Basically, we are too addicted to travelling. We both are so addicted to riding that we are working too hard for making this love as passion.  We have this single life in which we have to make our dreams come true I.e. To travelling cross country on a bike.  Life takes turns and we're waiting for our turn to get on the right track for some good life. Money was never the priority but living a life wher…